EPISODE 240 of the Moms Do Business Different Podcast


Today I’m sharing a stream of consciousness on why you should start the New Year, today.

You don’t have to wait for the new year or a random date in January to plan and get started on embodying who you are becoming in the new year..

What if today could be your day one? How different can the next 30, 60, 90+ days look?

Business evolves so why sell yourself short.

What if next month you pop and because of all your visibility efforts you have consistent $10k months if your goal is only $5k you’re mentally out of alignment with your reality.

How would it feel to not be in the hustle and bustle of discounting your offers for the holidays or having to create something new?

How would it feel to stay in your MamaCEO SCHMONEY energy and just keep building, growing, and scaling on your own terms, book out your services and coaching in advance without having to create urgency by discounting yourself?

As much as I loveeee planning for the year which I do and encourage you to do. What if you could just start today and decide I’m going to think about the big picture AND give myself space to evolve and give myself grace up front?

Enjoy this podcast episode where I dive into emotional regulation and financial stability in choosing today to start as Day 1.

Quotes to look for:

“What if you get pregnant and your life is just feeling a bit chaotic but you set the goal of $10k months but in reality you’re hovering at $5k – that can be demoralizing and make you feel like you’re not doing well when $5k in your own business is nothing to sneeze at.”

Kay Hillman

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