EPISODE 241 of the Moms Do Business Different Podcast


Today I’m deep diving into a few reasons why I brought back my application process. I’m sharing my thought process behind applications for services and coaching offers as well as a few cons that may come up. Neither option is right or wrong but I wanted to share my perspective on why and how I’m going to use my application process. 

Pros and Cons to having an application process for your offers – Why I brought back applications.

Market Research

Having an application and inquiry form allows me to conduct market research and better understand my buyers and potential clients.

This allows me to create higher quality content that will attract and convert as well as create better offers that will serve people with exactly what they want and need.

Higher Quality Clients

Applications allow me to filter clients and work with people who truly value my work. Based on their application I can also see how committed they are to implementing and truly getting the support they need.

Sets a standard and expectations

Inside my application and Inquiry form I am setting expectations and sharing my standards throughout.

This sets the tone for our future coaching or service relationship.

Clarity In Objectives and Results

This Is huge for me.

I really want to make sure that every person I photograph and every person I coach Is clear on what they want from me and I want to be clear on that as well BEFORE we start working together.

The application process allows me to have that clarity and then decide If this Is an aligned fit before wasting anyones time.

Listen to the full episode to get the rest of my thoughts on: Pros and Cons to having an application process for your offers and why I brought back applications.

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