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Today we are chatting with Abbie Stasior about infusing God into every area of our life specifically – health and business. Our conversation is candid and filled with examples on how we can make small decisions and changes to really integrate God into our lives.

Abbie Stasior is a Columbia University Master’s graduate, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She founded Be About Being Better in 2018, which is a global, virtual health & life coaching company that specializes in helping people develop a diet-free, sustainable healthy lifestyle. By first optimizing their health and ditching the diet mentality, Abbie helps clients gain more energy, consistent routines, and greater confidence in order to live a better, more vibrant life and make a wider impact. She is a published researcher and has notable media features in the Medium, Thrive global, LadyBoss Blogger, as well as many podcast interviews.

Quotes to look for:

“Putting yourself at the bottom of the your to-do list and almost martyring yourself in that way is self-sabotage, masked as nobility.”

Abbie Stasior

“God does not have to be separate from my business. God is my business. Yes. And it’s like, it’s not me.

 The money that I make is not me. It’s not for like I am. I am a vessel.

I am a manager of God’s money”

Abbie Stasior

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