EPISODE 242 of the Moms Do Business Different Podcast


Recently I had a client ask me:

“I’m so sick during the day it’s hard to do much but I do wonder – how I can better prepare for my maternity leave? What can I do now to earn more so that I can save better.” 

As someone who has personally experienced both sides of the spectrum (a failed maternity leave and taking an extended maternity leave just because).

Let’s chat about: How to prepare your business for a baby and stack your cash ahead of time.

set realistic expectations

Create a bare minimum business strategy where you know whats the minimum you need to do for visibility, nurturing, and conversion to keep your business running.

Then take the first trimester to just acclimate yourself and rest in however you’re feeling. Give yourself grace to be a little less productive.

sign clients in advance


Overall, prioritize conversion so you can sign clients and increase your cash flow.

hire help to finish things

how much should you save?

I find that a cashflow of 4 months was more than enough for me to enjoy maternity leave and not loose momentum. I tell moms to double their leave time because you never know – you may need more time.

Listen to the full episode to get the rest of my thoughts on: How to prepare your business for a baby and stack your cash ahead of time.

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