EPISODE 218 of the BecomingCEO Podcast


Today we are chatting with Andria Singletary private podcasting and just how powerful it is as a tool to grow your email list and generate leads. Our conversation is candid and filled with examples on how you can leverage private podcasts.

Andria supports her clients in strategically launching podcasts and private podcasts so reach out to her if you have questions or need support when it comes to the strategy behind using podcasting as your lead generation strategy.

Andria Singletary is a wife and mom of 2. Jesus is her refuge. After she had her oldest she lost her job and needed to figure out a better way that would allow her to be home with her kids. Fast forward, she became a virtual assistant and then niched down into podcasting where she serves other mamas in the strategy and production of creating a podcast that generates consistent leads.

Quotes to look for:

“And it’s a great way to nurture your audience. So maybe they’re thinking about, oh, I wanna work with this person, but I’m not quite sure yet.

You know, I wanna opt into their low ticket offer. And so a lot of business owners will do that and use that private podcast to further nurture that audience and they’ll end up selling on their private podcast.”

Andria Singletary

“ And like you said, private podcasts are becoming so popular and it’s so intriguing. It’s like, well, what is this exclusive content? I can’t just go search on Apple Podcasts and access it. So you’re really getting people’s attention. It’s like, Ooh, I wanna learn more about this. I’m willing to opt into it.”

Andria Singletary

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Meet Andria Singletary

Website: https://mamaturnedmompreneur.com/meet-andria  

Instagram: mamaturnedmompreneur

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