Today we are chatting with Cassie Gudmundson about the power of collaborations, nervous system regulation, and emotional intelligence as a business owner and mama.

Cassie Gudmundson is a wealth energetics + business coach, specifically for mamas in biz. A former designer, mama of 3, manifesting-generator and lover of all things mindset.

Her work is a place for moms + entrepreneurs like you who truly desire to have it all, without sacrifice, who know you want not just wealth in your business, but a spacious motherhood… and it’s all about who you BE.

In this episode we dive deep into the mindsets, energetics and inner work needed for you to truly be the wealthy mama + ceo that creates everything you desire, in your business and beyond.

Quotes to look for:

“So nervous system regulation work is basically like reminding your body. To calm down. And this is not like affirmations that happen in your head. This is literally like in your body. You have to teach your body how to calm down.”

Cassie Gudmundson

“The self sabotage when it comes to visibility is so sneaky and it’s so hidden, but. It’s like crazy how our brain wants us to stay in our small little comfort zone. And so for me, that always looks like I am consistently always doing like nervous system regulation work, and especially around visibility.”

Cassie Gudmundson

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