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for the MAMA building a six and multiple six figure company doing the bare minimum

mentorship and strategy to reach and sustain consistent high cash ($10k+) months working less than 20 hours/week for MamaCEOs building service based or coaching companies  through strategy, sales psychology, and leadership.

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You're ready to be stretched so that you can build the movement, create the legacy, and experience the financial overflow that God has put on your heart.

You see the vision and trust that things will fall into place as they should. 

You know you were created to do exceedingly big things that will change the game for generations to come.

You have clients you love and enjoy serving, the money is great, but you’re feeling the tug to be more present in your real life. 

You want to find a rhythm that allows you to experience the fruits of your labor and enjoy life while still continue to grow, sustain, and maybe even scale to high cash months ($20K, $30K, $50K/mo).

You know you are created to make a bigger impact and to have more (freedom, money, community, peace).

You are building a movement and you want to do this while living a peaceful life where you are stewarding your family and money well.

Does this sound familiar?

The next level of


a ceo

Will require you to create a foundation of systems, strategies, and brand visuals in order to create a SUSTAINABLE multiple six figure company.

I will coach you on the mindset and embodiment of becoming the CEO of a multiple six figure company while also


strategically re-aligning your messaging, customer journey, visibility, lead generation, and sales strategies so that you can sustainably maintain high cash months. I’ll also support you in bare minimum launching so you can get cash injections when you need and want them.

Energetically we will clean up how you engage with and think about your business so you can consistently have the capacity to sustain high cash months.

I promise to powerfully hold space, stretch you, and guide you into re-aligning your mindset, operations (the back end – teams and systems) and strategy so you can scale sustainably.


(get ready to be stretched)
  • 12 months of 1:1 coaching
    • unlimited voxer support M-Thurs (10a-7p ET) and F (10a-3p ET)
    • Review and feedback on marketing and sales materials, curriculum, frameworks, content, emails, etc
    • quarterly strategy calls via zoom
Not a voxer girlie? That’s ok! You will have the option of:
12 – 1:1 strategy sessions (one per month) with bi-weekly check-ins via voxer or email.

Gain access to my signature frameworks and course materials to support you in our coaching time together.

You will get access to the BecomingCEO Framework as well as the Launch Lab which will both support you in implementing strategies I’ll teach you during coaching. 

We are constantly adding to and improving the portal to best serve you.

Get access to the private Slack Channel for all Alumni of Moms Do Business Different and BecomingCEO.

Here you can meet, collaborate with, get feedback from the community, and get coached by me FOR LIFE! 

This is the perfect place to meet other moms on the journey of making six and multiple six figures.

Each month (sometimes twice a month) I host CEO Office Hours and other community events that you will be invited to as a MDBD Client or Alumni.

This is an opportunity to get continued support and coaching from me and the MDBD team/community.

Feel free to drop in or stay the whole time and learn from other mama’s questions/experiences.





Coaching & Mentorship


The Curriculum


Alumni Community


CEO Office Hours

$8,000 (but also priceless)


$26,000 Value

imagine this:



(with payment plans as low as $325/mo)

This TWELVE (12) MONTH 1:1 coaching experience is perfect for MamaCEOs who want to diversify your offers, sustain high cash months, optimize your strategies/funnels, double and triple your launches, streamline your operations, systems, and team – and still do the bare minimum so you can be with yo kids.



(Pay in full or $1,800/mo for 6 months)

This is a 6 month voxer coaching experience. You will receive:

– Unlimited voxer support M-Thurs (10a-7p ET) and F (10a-3p ET)

– Review and feedback on marketing and sales materials, curriculum, frameworks, content, emails, etc

– 3 – 60-90 min 1:1 strategy sessions (can be used at any time during the six months)

Hi, I'm Kay

Your Sales & CEO COACH

Hey Boo! I’m Kay, mama of 2, wife to Tae, avid Target shopper, and believer.

My mission in life is to help moms create multiple six figure companies so they can create financial freedom and leave a legacy for their family. I want moms to not HAVE to rely on anyone (except Jesus) to take care of their families and to be in a position to steward their life and business well. 

This mission is because I grew up in an abusive home where I watched my mom not be able to make decisions to save herself and I NEVER want a mom and her children to experience that. I thank God for a loving husband and a partner who walks with me in co-creating a legacy. 

I know what you're thinking...

How does this work?

why this works

this is for you if

other client wins

Now What?

Book your session

Book your coaching option below. Once you check out, you’ll be redirected to my calendar.

Then, just choose the day you want to get started with your coaching!

You’ll get access to me every week Monday through Thursday from 10 am EST to 7p pm EST for the duration of your contract.


Next, it’s time to get set up on the free Voxer app.

You can use it on your mobile device or your computer and we’ll be able to chat back and forth through text and voice messaging.

When you get the app, be sure to send me a test message (@mrskayhillman) to make sure we’re connected!


On your scheduled start date come over to voxer and we’ll get started! 

You’ll get access to me for all your business questions and we’ll be able to chat back and forth at a relaxed pace.

Lemme chill in your back pocket


other client wins


asked questions

Literally anything relevant to your business! This is the perfect time to ask any and all questions about anything you might be struggling with in your online business. Even if you just want someone to bounce ideas of off, I gotchu!

I specialize in social media marketing and sales strategy, organic strategy, content marketing, online business strategy, email marketing, launch strategy, working with clients, scaling, mindset, and building an agency and team. I primarily work with service providers, online course creators, coaches, and consultants. We will have plenty to discuss.

Other topics we can discuss are: business mindset and productivity (time management and energetic capacity), outsourcing and hiring, offer suite and pricing, content marketing, digital product creation, long term planning and strategy, profit/income  stacking and more

Please don’t.

Hahah But seriously, if you message me outside of coaching hours I’ll respond to you the next coaching day (for 3 month coaching clients).

If you book a one day session with me, you can message me any time leading up to the coaching day and I’ll reply in our window of time.

After our coaching session(s) are over and the program is complete I will not respond. Feel free to DM me on Instagram (@mrskayhillman) if it’s something simple!

You can always book additional packages at any time!

That’s cool boo! I’ve had tons of international clients and folks in different times zones than EST. 

I’m available 10 AM – 7 PM pm EST (M-Thurs) and 10AM – 3PM EST on Fridays.  So this time frame should work for many time zones!

I ask for at least an hour and a half to respond to messages; HOWEVER, I usually will respond immediately. You’ll notice a lapse in response if I have another call or engagement. I always communicate if I’m running busy. If you are a single day session, I will make up the time with you if for some reason the day gets away from me (but this has never happened knock on wood).