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Alicia Lawrence

Article: Building Your Audience in an Overly Saturated World

Quote to look out for: 

I can’t stress this enough, but people leave places where they don’t feel valued.

Ashton Smith

Article: Creating Ripple-Effect Impact, One Connection at a Time

Quote to look out for: 

So often, the online space can make us believe that we need to be doing more in order to create the growth and impact we desire. And although sometimes that may be true, I would argue that we need to get more intentional with our existing efforts.

Amber Sherrill

Article: Community as a Bridge

Quote to look out for: 

The great vision that God has given you was not just for you girl, it was for the world!

Hayley Luckadoo

Article: How to Leverage Speaking to Massively Grow Your Audience and Visibility

Quote to look out for: 

Find the gaps in their content and identify how you can fill those gaps while bringing tons of value to their audience.

Aundra Williams

Article: 5 Key Elements To Attract Consistent High Quality Clients

Quote to look out for: 

Your clients already know you’re an industry expert. Sophisticate your clients’ problems and address the main burning issue keeping them in a cycle of frustration. Your goal is to showcase * why your business IS THE BEST business for the job through Storytelling and effectively solving their problems..

Rose Loreston

Article: The Posture of Community

Quote to look out for: 

Obedience is much better than sacrifice.


“As believers… we are in this to genuinely impact people’s lives.”

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