1:1 Coaching & Support

for the CEO building a multiple six figure company with strategy, peace, and profit.

Done-with-and-for-you mentorship and strategy for CEOs building service based or coaching/consulting companies who want to grow and scale multiple six figures around your lifestyle.

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You feel an expansion and you're ready to be stretched to reach the heights God is calling you into.

You see the vision but something is still not falling into place.

You have clients you love and enjoy serving, the money is great – but you know you are created to make a bigger impact and to have more (freedom, money, community, peace).

You are building a movement and you want to do this while living a peaceful life where you are stewarding your family and money well.


The next level of


a ceo

My team and I will support you in creating a foundation of systems, strategies, and brand visuals to create a multiple six figure company.

While I also coach you on the mindset and embodiment of becoming the CEO of a multiple six figure company. We will delve into what your delegation looks like and create a


 home team to outsource things in your personal life that take attention away from what you care about most.

I promise to powerfully hold space, stretch you, and guide you into re-aligning your mindset, operations (the back end – teams and systems) and strategy so you can scale sustainably.


(get ready to be stretched)
  • 6 months of 1:1 coaching and support
    • unlimited voxer support M-Thurs (10a-7p ET) and F (10a-3p ET)
    • Review and feedback on marketing and sales materials, curriculum, frameworks, content, emails, etc
    • 18 optional – 30 minute phone calls (weekly except during strategy weeks)
    • 6 – 1:1 strategy sessions (one per month)
  • VIP Weekend either in Atlanta, Ga or where you live within the U.S.A (flight and hotel included)
    • Two days, three nights stay in a hotel or airbnb
    • Luxury transportation included
    • VIP photo and video session
    • H&MUA
    • Private chef and meals
  • Day 1 – strategy day and vision mapping
  • Day 2 – brand visual creation day

My team and I will set up 4 systems for you.

  • Asana and/or Airtable for content management and overall business planning
  • 1 – Launch data base inside Asana and/or Airtable
  • 1 – Client onboarding & offboarding experience in Dubsado
  • 1 – Marketing & Sales Funnel 
    • Includes email copy, set up, lead magnet (and creation) & tripwire landing pages (you will be required to purchase your own software like email provider, etc)

I will also support you in building out your organization chart, hiring team members, firing (if neccessary), and setting up back end systems to scale your business with SOPs and more.

You’ll get access to my signature DWY VIP Marketing Strategy Framework where I’ll walk you through building out a marketing and sales strategy and system for you and your team to implement and execute.

You have the choice of doing voxer only or using weekly 30 minute phone calls to work through the strategy framework to build out your strategy and funnels. 

This is a done with you process. As the CEO your role is to create a vision and strategy and that is what I’ll support you in.

You will have a custom marketing and sales plan as well as a content calendar that we will use to create content during your CEO VIP Weekend.

Your strategy is CUSTOM to you and your vision and you’ll have support in the implementation and execution via my team with the systems set up and brand visual experience during the CEO VIP Weekend.




Coaching & Mentorship


CEO Weekend & Brand Visuals


Systems & Set Up


Strategy & Implementation



$57,000 Value

imagine this:



(Custom Payment Plan Options Available)

Perfect for CEOs who have a vision and a movement they are ready to expand, scale, and build into a six and multiple six figure company so they can have more freedom, money, and impact. 



(Pay in full or $1,800/mo for 6 months)

This is a 6 month voxer coaching experience. You will receive:

– Unlimited voxer support M-Thurs (10a-7p ET) and F (10a-3p ET)

– Review and feedback on marketing and sales materials, curriculum, frameworks, content, emails, etc

– 3 – 60-90 min 1:1 strategy sessions (can be used at any time during the six months)

Hi, I'm Kay


Hey Boo! I’m Kay, mama of 2, wife to Tae, avid Target shopper, and believer.

My mission in life is to help moms create multiple six figure companies so they can create financial freedom and leave a legacy for their family. I want moms to not HAVE to rely on anyone (except Jesus) to take care of their families and to be in a position to steward their life and business well. 

This mission is because I grew up in an abusive home where I watched my mom not be able to make decisions to save herself and I NEVER want a mom and her children to experience that. I thank God for a loving husband and a partner who walks with me in co-creating a legacy. 

I know what you're thinking...

How does this work?

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On your scheduled start date come over to voxer and we’ll get started! 

You’ll get access to me for all your business questions and we’ll be able to chat back and forth at a relaxed pace.

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other client wins


asked questions

Literally anything relevant to your business! This is the perfect time to ask any and all questions about anything you might be struggling with in your online business. Even if you just want someone to bounce ideas of off, I gotchu!

I specialize in social media marketing and sales strategy, organic strategy, content marketing, online business strategy, email marketing, launch strategy, working with clients, scaling, mindset, and building an agency and team. I primarily work with service providers, online course creators, coaches, and consultants. We will have plenty to discuss.

Other topics we can discuss are: business mindset and productivity (time management and energetic capacity), outsourcing and hiring, offer suite and pricing, content marketing, digital product creation, long term planning and strategy, profit/income  stacking and more

Please don’t.

Hahah But seriously, if you message me outside of coaching hours I’ll respond to you the next coaching day (for 3 month coaching clients).

If you book a one day session with me, you can message me any time leading up to the coaching day and I’ll reply in our window of time.

After our coaching session(s) are over and the program is complete I will not respond. Feel free to DM me on Instagram (@mrskayhillman) if it’s something simple!

You can always book additional packages at any time!

That’s cool boo! I’ve had tons of international clients and folks in different times zones than EST. 

I’m available 10 AM – 7 PM pm EST (M-Thurs) and 10AM – 3PM EST on Fridays.  So this time frame should work for many time zones!

I ask for at least an hour and a half to respond to messages; HOWEVER, I usually will respond immediately. You’ll notice a lapse in response if I have another call or engagement. I always communicate if I’m running busy. If you are a single day session, I will make up the time with you if for some reason the day gets away from me (but this has never happened knock on wood).