Peace & Profit

Shar the Strategist, Christian Business Development Coach & Consultant

Presenting: The Secret to Stress Free Productivity

This teaching will give mama’s the tools to go from hustle to harmony, produce with ease, and stop sacrificing self for sales.

Sharnice Sherrod, affectionately known as Shar the Strategist, is a passionate administrator, strategist, and innovative entrepreneur from Suffolk, Virginia. She earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science, with an emphasis in Public Administration. She recently earned her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling at Regent University and plans to continue her education by obtaining a doctoral degree in Pastoral Counseling.

Sharnice is the owner of BETHELIGHT COLLECTIVE, an online consulting agency providing strategic business solutions through coaching, consulting, systems development, and project management. She is also the founder of BuildHERS Network, an online ministry catered to the building of Christian women in entrepreneurship, leadership, and influence, through personal and business development. BuildHERS Network is the home to Marketplace MinistHER Alliance, a prayer & practical development community designed to help Christian women build the confidence to courageously carry out their commission.

Sharnice is a nurturer at heart and uniquely combines coaching, consulting, and counseling principles to serve others with a transformative solution-focused experience. She is also a prophetic psalmist & intercessor, speaker, minister of the Gospel, kingdom author, and sincere servant-leader. Sharnice cares for the soul wellness of women and has committed her life to guarding and pouring.

She also aspires to counsel & mentor young women, especially those from single parent homes, on their journey to discovering their true identity as daughters of God, and to walk in wholeness, righteousness, and holiness. Sharnice’s life goal is to educate, equip, and empower people to produce purpose, on purpose.