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Lib Aubuchon, Your Copy and Content Bestie

Presenting: Red Carpet Welcome Sequence: Create Raving Fans With Just A Few Emails

Your subscribers will never be more excited to hear from you than right after you opt in! Captivate them right from the start with a welcome email sequence that introduces your brand, shows people how you can help and sells your stuff. With a simple framework and quick action items, you’ll walk away from this short training with the tools you need to roll out YOUR red carpet welcome!

Meet Lib, Your Copy and Content Bestie

I create content for brand names you definitely know. I also write blogs, emails, and social media captions for a range of solopreneurs and small businesses you might not know yet, but probably will soon. 

I know how to create the right content for the right platform, when to be brief and when to go longer, and what makes people pay attention. 

Let’s grow with on-brand content that sounds like you!  

Instagram: @libaubuchon