3x Your Visibility, Double your Leads, create high converting content, & sign MVP clients.

Mama – I heard that you wanna print money, have more sales and high cash months by executing proven marketing and sales tactics doing the bare minimum 😜


You desire a step by step blueprint to tell you how to attract and convert buyers into clients

The thing is, you know YOUR craft but you don’t quite understand how to market or sell your offers.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve likely been winging your content calendar or just posting based on what you see others in your industry post online and it’s just NOT giving you the coins you want.

What if I told you there’s a better way?

How dope would it be if…

Mama – I know you’re ready to take action, but every time you join a program, course, workshop, or class that promises to teach you “everything you need” – you still feel unclear on HOW to execute and implement what you’ve learned in YOUR UNIQUE business as a mama with limited time.

Well… I have something for ya! 

You need to prioritize EXECUTION and taking strategic action on things that make you money.

Introducing The $CHMONEY Mama Membership Community

When you become a $CHMONEY Mama, you will have the tools you need to increase your cash flow, get good at marketing without doing “all the things”, and consistently execute so you can make sales while being present with your kids. 

This MEMBERSHIP keeps you hyper focused on money making activities so you don’t waste your time doing things that don’t bring you closer to serving clients and cashing checks.


(you need what's inside)

Each month you will get access to a document that will include:

  • a monthly marketing focus
  • sales goals
  • plug and play email templates
  • 12+ short form social media content outlines
  • weekly long form content outlines 

The Action Plan is designed to give you a plug and play step by step blueprint so you know exactly what to post in order to market your offers. 

This suite is an entire data base that tells you EXACTLY what to focus on: daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

Each task is directly tied to something that will make you money.

This suite is designed to help you stay ultra focused on doing tasks that make you money and keep you from doing busy work.

Each month you will get access to one of the following:

  • masterclass
  • workshop
  • challenge
  • mini course

Upcoming topics: Converting clients from collabs, lead generation, selling high ticket offers on stories, converting cold leads in under 30 days, low key launching… and more

You will get access to a private SLACK channel where you can be in the energy of other $CHMONEY Mamas!

In this community we are sharing wins and showing how we implement the strategy! 

all for $30/mo!


Save time with a plug and play strategy using the monthly Action Plan


asked questions

The $CHMONEY Mama Membership is for moms who are service providers and coaches. If you are a product based business this is NOT the membership for you.

If you are new in business or you are scaling to $50K+ months, then this membership is perfect for you. The focus of $CHMONEY is on IMPLEMENTATION and STRATEGY.

Main goals most mamas have are:

  • increasing your cash flow or signing your next client
  • creating and selling your signature offer
  • having a strategic content plan
  • 3x your visibility and attract higher quality leads

This membership is for you if you sell low, medium, or high ticket offers.

Yes, your subscription for the membership can be cancelled at anytime.

However, there will be no refunds payment. Be sure to cancel your membership before your next automatic payment date. 

There are no refunds given for forgetting to cancel membership even if you haven’t logged in or accessed the resources.

You may rejoin the membership at any time at the current membership price.

There are no options for pausing. 

You will have immediate access to:

  • the current months Action Plan
  • The Income Producing Activities Suite
  • All previous masterclasses, challenges, and workshops
  • The $CHMONEY Mama Community

No, you will only have access to all the content and resources while you are an ACTIVE member! Stay a while or feel free to leave and come back! 

The Slack Channel is a community resource. Everyone is encouraged to ask and answer questions.

I may not respond to every single question but I do try to respond to as many questions as possible within 24-36 hours (Monday-Friday). 

Due to the nature of this program as a digital product there are no refunds after purchase. 

1:1 Coaching & Support

for the CEO building a multiple six figure company with strategy, peace, and profit.

Done-with-and-for-you mentorship and strategy for CEOs building service based or coaching/consulting companies who want to grow and scale multiple six figures around your lifestyle.

Featured in

You feel an expansion and you're ready to be stretched to reach the heights God is calling you into.

You see the vision but something is still not falling into place.

You have clients you love and enjoy serving, the money is great – but you know you are created to make a bigger impact and to have more (freedom, money, community, peace).

You are building a movement and you want to do this while living a peaceful life where you are stewarding your family and money well.


The next level of


a ceo

My team and I will support you in creating a foundation of systems, strategies, and brand visuals to create a multiple six figure company.

While I also coach you on the mindset and embodiment of becoming the CEO of a multiple six figure company. We will delve into what your delegation looks like and create a home team to outsource things in your personal life that take attention away from what you care about most.

I promise to powerfully hold space, stretch you, and guide you into re-aligning your mindset, operations (the back end – teams and systems) and strategy so you can scale sustainably.


(get ready to be stretched)
  • 6 months of 1:1 coaching and support
    • unlimited voxer support M-Thurs (10a-7p ET) and F (10a-3p ET)
    • Review and feedback on marketing and sales materials, curriculum, frameworks, content, emails, etc
    • 18 optional – 30 minute phone calls (weekly except during strategy weeks)
    • 6 – 1:1 strategy sessions (one per month)
  • VIP Weekend either in Atlanta, Ga or where you live within the U.S.A (flight and hotel included)
    • Two days, three nights stay in a hotel or airbnb
    • Luxury transportation included
    • VIP photo and video session
    • H&MUA
    • Private chef and meals
  • Day 1 – strategy day and vision mapping
  • Day 2 – brand visual creation day

My team and I will set up 4 systems for you.

  • Asana and/or Airtable for content management and overall business planning
  • 1 – Launch data base inside Asana and/or Airtable
  • 1 – Client onboarding & offboarding experience in Dubsado
  • 1 – Marketing & Sales Funnel 
    • Includes email copy, set up, lead magnet (and creation) & tripwire landing pages (you will be required to purchase your own software like email provider, etc)

I will also support you in building out your organization chart, hiring team members, firing (if neccessary), and setting up back end systems to scale your business with SOPs and more.

You’ll get access to my signature DWY VIP Marketing Strategy Framework where I’ll walk you through building out a marketing and sales strategy and system for you and your team to implement and execute.

You have the choice of doing voxer only or using weekly 30 minute phone calls to work through the strategy framework to build out your strategy and funnels. 

This is a done with you process. As the CEO your role is to create a vision and strategy and that is what I’ll support you in.

You will have a custom marketing and sales plan as well as a content calendar that we will use to create content during your CEO VIP Weekend.

Your strategy is CUSTOM to you and your vision and you’ll have support in the implementation and execution via my team with the systems set up and brand visual experience during the CEO VIP Weekend.




Coaching & Mentorship


CEO Weekend & Brand Visuals


Systems & Set Up


Strategy & Implementation



$57,000 Value

imagine this:



(Custom Payment Plan Options Available – $10,000 retainer)

Perfect for CEOs who have a vision and a movement they are ready to expand, scale, and build into a six and multiple six figure company so they can have more freedom, money, and impact. 

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