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simple sales strategy to consistently convert clients FOR BUSY MAMAS building a company in the margins.

create consistent sales with your

The power of...

High Converting Content

An Offer people want NEOW

Nurturing Leads

Messaging that Connects


sales STRATEGY & community for moms in business

Double your leads and inquiries so you have more ideal buyers to sell to

Create high converting content Rooted in the Customer Journey and Buyer Psychology

Access mad-lib style (aka: plug and play/fill in the blank) content templates to sell your offer

Learn tools and strategies to create high converting offers & messaging so you can confidently sell and convert clients into your offers, while stewarding your limited MamaCEO time well

steward your time & business well as a mamaCEO and...

Be seen as a trustworthy industry leader and go to service provider or coach that wakes up to DMs saying "TAKE MY $CHMONEY"

teach me sales!

With customer journey centric strategies and step by step instructions on how to 3x your visibility so you can get in front of MORE DREAM BUYERS and build MOMENTUM in your business.

You've Probably been...

winging your content calendar or just posting based on what you see others in your industry post online and it’s just NOT giving you the coins you want.

With specific action steps with flexibility in mind so you can see results from all the hard work you do in BUILDING your company.

CONSISTENTLY sell your offers from an empowered place. Knowing that your community sees your value and trusts you enough to buy thanks to your clear and unique message.

teach me sales!



is a monthly community where content ideas, trainings, and resources are dropped every month to keep you hyper focused on money making activities (AKA SELLING) so you don't waste your time doing things that don't bring you closer to becoming an industry leader, serving clients, and cashing checks!


Each month you will get an ACTION PLAN that will include plug and play content topics AND caption templates as well. These content pieces will be for long form, short form, AND email so you can have a comprehensive marketing strategy that converts.

Receive full editable and customizable templates inside of Canva to create: carousel posts, static images, and reels (as well as some bonus content pieces).

These templates will match the Action Plan! 

You don't need to LEARN MORE, you need to DO MORE! So here we cut the fluff and I only spend time creating classes and workshops that you actually need. Our focus is IMPLEMENTATION so you won't have hours of trainings to watch. We have a core framework and more is added to support you in reaching your goals in building visibility, momentum, and sales. 

i'm a $mama

The monthly content day is where you can come and create content or ask me questions about how to implement the Action Plans.

Q&A is a monthly session to ask anything about: visibility, marketing, sales, and any content taught in the $CHMONEY Portal

The sales community you need...

as a mama doing business different


im in neow!


All for...

Pay in full

Payment Plan

Best Value

12 monthly payments

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The monthly action plan


Mamas who are service providers and coaches/consultants. Main goals most mamas have are: increasing your cash flow or signing your next client, creating & selling your signature offer, having a strategic content plan, 3x your visibility and attract higher quality leads. This membership is for you if you sell low, medium, or high ticket offers.
If you are a product based business this is NOT the membership for you. **


Everything you need to know

Technically, no.
Your membership is a one time fee of $500 or $55/mo for 12 months. After that you have access for the duration of the community (which I’ve been running this space since 2020 so it’s going to be a while).

However, if you reallyyyy wanna leave, I won’t hold you. Send me an email at with the subject line “$CHMONEY MAMA Cancelation” 

There will be no refunds of payment. Be sure to cancel your membership before your next automatic payment date. There are no refunds given for forgetting to cancel membership even if you haven’t logged in or accessed the resources. You may rejoin the membership at any time at the current membership price.

There are no options for pausing. 

The Slack Channel is a community resource. Everyone is encouraged to ask and answer questions.

I may not respond to every single question but I do try to respond to as many questions as possible within 24-36 hours (Monday-Friday). 

Everything you need to build momentum and consistently market and sell your offers:

  • Monthly Action Plan: a marketing plan with long form, short form, and email content
  • Caption & Email Templates for your short form content & emails for the month
  • Canva templates for Instagram content
  • $CHMONEY Portal: Quarterly workshops/classes/trainings and our $CHMONEY Framework
  • Monthly content day: to batch content for the upcoming month and get support on implementing the Action Plan
  • Monthly Q&A Call
  • Community Chat via Slack 


Let's go!

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